Sunday, October 11, 2009

we wanted to tell you brittany that we think the world of you!!!!! we are very lucky to call you auntie Bru babe!

here we are with dad, mom says he's hot, but I don't quite understand that nounage. whatever as far as I'm concerned she says a lot of things I don't understand.

I was getting chased for my dashing goods looks, watch out paparazzi here I come!!!!

We just love each other so much, at least most of the time!! Especially when there is two of something. So how do like our glasses??

I just had to have two servings of ice cream for dessert

Sunday, October 4, 2009

mom lost my sparkle candles....... I guess the matches will have to do, but next year I'll make sure my mom doesn't misplace the all important sparkle candles!

I got my very own dog. I take her everywhere with me. She is so cute, I am learning though that pets are a big responsibility.

Here is a picture of my sister hitting the pinata that my dad made out of a fruit snack box and some leftover wrapping paper. Man is my dad great or what???

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Me & E

Hello did you miss me? Oh by the way do you like my outfit. So cool I got it at Marshall for like $4.

So about three weeks about my little sister was blessed at church and I just have to show her off, so her she is. What do ya think? I not sure why her dress is so long, but I think maybe it's so she can wrap the rest of her body up if she gets cold. Who knows?

    Well we had our first winter storm and it was so fun. Nice and chilly. Mom said she would push me around in my car, well she really runs and at the same time the dogs thinks it's funny to bite her ankles. Smart doggies. Anyways as she was pushing me around in the car all of a sudden I heard a loud BOOM and saw my life flash before my eyes. It was the car, it fell apart. I guess that's why you always wear your seat belt.

    After that I thought it would be nice to go on a walk and do some swinging.

    Man after all that play I needed a rest. If you look closely I hid some of my mom's ornaments under the couch.....She'll never find them. That can be our little secret.

    After I woke up my parents asked me if I would take them shopping. I agreed only on one condition..... If I could have a bottle at bedtime.

    We then had to go to our church Christmas party where my poor sister had to be held by some strange man saying ho ho ho!!! What does that even mean ho ho ho! Whatever she looks cute so I showed you.

    And the best part I got my bottle at bedtime. Yes I'm still drinking a bottle. My therapist said that one every once in a while won't hurt, but more than that might prevent my progress.

      Friday, November 30, 2007

      Me and "E"

      Here is my new sister, Eden Marie. People say she looked just like me when I was born, but I don't think so...she was way too slimy, a little sticky, and she had all this white stuff all over her!

      After she was cleaned up I saw what everyone kept gabbering about. It's me about ummm I don't know about 15 months ago. I bet your impressed to know I can already subtrate. Well here's a better picture of my little sis.

      OH here's another one with me and my mom. I just love her, but for some reason my just would not let me hold her by myself. She acts like I'm going to drop her. Please!

      Now that were home and getting settled , my sister is so funny. She is already trying be like me even when it doesn't matter. Hello try being like me while I'm awake. Mom says she's always watching to see what I'll do next.

      Though I love my sister I feel like all she does is eat 24- 7. It's getting kinda old going to look for food and being in charge of her nutrition. I will not have kids for a very long time.

      Shooo after long day of getting food I like to rest in a nice cool place.